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Belgian Malinois Shepherd for Sport, Work and Competition

"The Belgian Malinois Shepherd possesses a strong desire to work and is quick and responsive to commands from his owner" (from the AKC's breed standards).

"The Belgian Malinois is a medium size dog of exceptional beauty and working ability used for many purposes, including herding, tracking, agility, obedience, and police work" (from the ABMC's web site).

You can find the Belgian Malinois in conformation show arenas, K9 protection sports, serving police and military forces, achieving obedience titles, herding livestock and running agility courses. The Belgian Malinois can excel as a sport dog, a working dog and a loyal companion.

Though not a complete listing of what Belgian Malinois are capable of doing, these are the most common jobs and sports these dogs excel at.

AKC Conformation Shows
Since the Belgian Malinois is an AKC recognized breed they are eligible for conformation competition.

Dog shows, or "conformation" events, are the signature events of the AKC. They concentrate on the distinctive features of purebred dogs and help to preserve these characteristics by providing a forum at which to evaluate breeding stock.

Exhibits are judged against individual breed standards, which have been established for the AKC-recognized breeds by their parent clubs. These written standards describe the ideal size, color, and temperament of each breed, as well as correct proportion, structure, and movement.

American Belgian Malinois Club sponsored activities
The ABMC offers activities including herding trials, agility competitions and lectures / educational demonstrations. The AMBC also offers a ROM program and a Belgian Malinois National Specialty show.

Obedience & Rally
For dog owners who enjoy competition and relish the opportunity to work as a highly tuned team with their dogs, competitive obedience trials are available. Dogs can earn obedience titles, including an obedience championship. (Quoted from Wikipedia's "Dog Obedience" 12/2008)


Herding Trials
A herding dog is a type of pastoral dog that either has been trained in herding or belongs to a breed developed for herding. Their ability to be trained to act on the sound of a whistle or word of command is renowned throughout the world. Although they make good family dogs and show dogs they are at their best when they have a job to do. These dogs have been bred as working dogs and need to be active. Their activity level and intelligence makes them excellent canine athletes. (Quoted from Wikipedia's "Herding Dogs" 12/2008)

K9 Protection Sports
Protection sports are dog sports that test a dog's ability to protect himself and his handler. All protection sports test the complete temperament of the dog, not just his protectiveness. The dog must be safe for his handler and for the public. He must be able to control himself upon command. All protection sports are modeled to some extent on the way dogs are used in police work. The grandfather of all protection sports is the Belgian Ring. It's the oldest and one of the hardest defense-dog sports in the world and completely dominated by the Belgian Shepherd (Mechelaar/Malinois). (Quoted from Wikipedia's "List of (K-9) Protection Sports" 12/2008)

  • Belgian Ring (NVBK and KCB)
  • Campagne
  • French Ring
  • Dutch KNPV
  • Mondio Ring
  • Schutzhund
  • K9 Pro Sports
  • American Street Ring
  • Protection Sports Association


Police, Tactical & Military K9 Service
Dogs are utilized in Government agencies including Police, Secret Service, CIA and the Military Branches (Army, Navy and Air Force). These K9 duties include patrol, scouting, tracking, locating, guarding / sentry, apprehension, search and rescue, cadaver recovery, and detecting illicit substances including drugs and bombs.


Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs generally run off-leash with no food or toys as incentives. The handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles, except accidentally. Consequently, the handler's controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal.

In its simplest form, an agility course consists of a set of standard obstacles, laid out by an agility judge in a design of his own choosing on a roughly 100 by 100 foot (30 by 30 m) area, with numbers indicating the order in which the dog must complete the obstacles.

Courses are complicated enough that a dog could not complete them correctly without human direction. (Quoted from Wikipedia's "Dog Agility" 12/2008)

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